ADHD and Instructions OR I’m In Widget Hell

GEEZ, I really thought that I had gotten past the point  where ‘you’ build the computer desk or use a new voice recorder first and then when ‘you’ run into trouble ‘you’ frantically scan through the instructions to find out how to do or fix what is not working: apparently not! I was so excited about getting my blog published that I didn’t really read or see or process anything on TypePad that said not to publish your blog until you have totally set up every little design and techie thing AND have written at least 2 entries. It says that on page one of the "Get Started with…", which I also did not see.  Oh well, no one knows that this exists yet, I think.

Ok, what is with these widget things? I mean I’m clicking on and signing up for everything that the TypePad instructions are ‘pointing out’ to me that would get people to know about my blog through all these "feeds".  Ah geez, here comes a contrite confession from a real true computer geek, I have only subscribed to one "feed" and I think I did it wrong because I have never gotten any notification about anything like entries or whatever it is supposed to notify me about??? 

The thing is, I read too much.  My mentor/teacher/coach/friend, Sandy Maynard told me so many years ago.  Most of it is trying to stay abreast of the latest research, journals, ‘how-to’s and news so that I can continue to learn and grow as a Coach and Therapist.  Some of it is getting distracted by so many wonderful websites full of information during my ‘free computer time’ (confession: I was about to make that quote a link to my website so you could read a book review that I wrote for ADDitude Magazine last month, but it isn’t added to my articles page yet, oops). AND, some of it is just plain curiosity and fun.

So, back to the blog instructions and these widgets.  By the way, this is my second blog entry that I was supposed to have had posted already.  I have added a bunch of widgets but I need to go back to the instructions and find out if I did it right.  I mean really, I have to keep signing up for all these websites so the widgets will work and it is really making me nervous!  Then I have to move on to the rest of the ‘chapters’ so that I can find out all the other things that I have done right or wrong and that I still have to do or add or just plain learn for fun! Whew! This blogging thing is kind of complicated. I am reminding myself and whoever might read this in the near future (I hope) that, Mindfulness Matters.

Mindfulness Matters Coaching®

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