Social Networking or The Bermuda Triangle of Cyberspace

Hello from 'Learning Central…'
ADHD and multitasking is another posting, so for today I will say that I am NOT very good at  "ADHD Multi-tasking".  I've been lost in an ADD-ADHD ocean of Social Networking for the past month, aka; The Bermuda Triangle (OK,perhaps a teeny, tiny bit of ADHD obsessing – hmm another posting emerges…).

I started out with an invitation from Tara McGillicuddy to befriend her on LinkedIn. Soon to follow was Facebook and I shortly added Twitter.  Well, next thing you know bloglines, blogger, Yahoo, MySpace, delicious… IT NEVER ENDS, and apparently neither did my attention span.

Thanks to Tara I now have a service that I only have to write ONE post to and it will 'ping' them all. 

I am a business owner, a writer, a therapist, a coach, and a person with an actual personal life.  So, how to balance them all. Ask for help comes to mind. OK, got that covered. Revamping my website so it will all be easier to organize all of the Web 2.0 end of the business. Now I am heading back to basics and I feel much freer. (is that a word?).

Being mindful for me means meditating each morning. What came to me very clearly was, ASK FOR HELP.  That was the rescue boat, the life saver that pulled me out of the WEB 2.0 Bermuda Triangle. ASK FOR HELP was the rescue lifesaver that gave me back my balanced life and allowed me to be on an 'ADD experts panel' on a blog radio show that Tara sponsors. It allowed me to be able to answer your questions at the ADHD Awareness Marathon and attend next week's ADHD Virtual Conference – and still go to work every day. WOW, asking for help is smooth sailing on a sunny day on Lake Champlain. Lake_Champlain_240px_1

I am writing about this topic to help myself and my readers to enjoy all that the web has to offer and still be creative and productive with a balance to all we are producing. 

Sometimes we have to go out and find a new lifeguard because the people that we usually ask for help just can't help us with our current quest. Hopefully they will give you their blessing, as I do today.  mindfulness matters.

Mindfulness Matters Coaching®

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