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A posting on Facebook caught my attention and I eagerly clicked on it.  It was an advertisement from a Virtual Assistant for "Stickies".  Post-it notes for your computer windows. It is a very advanced, sophisticated, free program that almost sucked … Continue reading

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I just read an article about a Professor in Dublin who is claiming that many of the famous people that were considered genius' throughout history probably had ADHD and produced their work due to the ability to hyper-focus.  "Clearly ADHD … Continue reading

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Hello all of you wonderful people who have tried to befriend me and get to know me over the past two years.  I have been 'missing in action'.  I'm Back! For 2 years I steadily traveled back and forth from … Continue reading

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I would like to offer a sincere apology to all of my readers, followers, subscribers, fans, friends and ADDers for not publishing this blog for so many months.  The illness and then loss of my mother and my special aunt … Continue reading

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Monday Morning

Monday morning, too many choices, too little caffeine. Stay focused and mindful to survive and stay on track. tea – black!

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Try New Things

I have ADHD. I am going to take a weekend workshop titled "write a book in a weekend" with Donna Kozik and Suzanne Evans. I am excited because I have been trying to write 2 books for more years then … Continue reading

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How is a person with ADHD like a race horse?  Hopefully you have been to a racetrack or seen a horse race on TV. Often you will see a horse that comes out of the gate like a bat out … Continue reading

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Facebook | The BridgeMaker

Quoted from Facebook | The BridgeMaker "My two business’ keep me busy. My clients are moving forward. My cat is eating again after losing 3 lbs. The Autumn leaves in Vermont are worth dealing with the freezing cold. I … Continue reading

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Virtual Help – HELP

When a person with ADHD receives Virtual Assistance from support personnel we often end up in ADHD Driven Hell (see my article written for “HOW MANY COACHES DOES IT TAKE TO SCREW IN A LIGHT BULB?”… or “What’s My … Continue reading

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Monday Morning Motivation and ADHD Fugue

According to the definition of fugue is: 2.Psychiatry. a period during which a person suffers from loss of memory, often begins a new life, and, upon recovery, remembers nothing of the amnesic phase. Whoever came up with that definition … Continue reading

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