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ADHD & Lost Youth

When you are diagnosed with ADD – ADHD as an adult it means that there were many “un-mindful” years that one had lived with their ADHD running rampant, alas, unknown.  As I sit here watching the snowfall head into 3 … Continue reading

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Monday Morning Motivation and ADHD Fugue

According to the definition of fugue is: 2.Psychiatry. a period during which a person suffers from loss of memory, often begins a new life, and, upon recovery, remembers nothing of the amnesic phase. Whoever came up with that definition … Continue reading

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ADDer’s have a tendency to hold on to thoughts, possessions, ADD moments, ADHD embarassments, and just plain everything else, way longer then people without ADHD.  It always amazes me when good things happen, gifts from my higher power or the … Continue reading

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