AD/HD Coaching

Maximizing Strengths and Potential with Structure, Encouragement and Accountability

The diagnostic criteria for ADD or ADHD may be the same for every person, but every person is not the same. Each one of us is a special and unique individual with talents and strengths that often lie dormant. AD/HDers are often highly intuitive, creative, exuberant, expressive and intelligent people that need help organizing all of your hidden strengths and talents. You are the expert on You. As your coach I would like to help you to use your expertise in a motivated, consistent, and spiritually healthy life affirming manner.

Although so many of my clients have similar challenges, each person has their own unique take on how they want to handle these problems, their own skills and strengths, and their own ideas and answers. Often when people begin coaching, those ideas, answers and skills may feel inaccessible; but we work together to help you to reach inside and find your answers, your ideas and your skills while maximizing your strengths.

I am here to listen, to guide, to encourage, to empathize, to light a fire, to help you while you seek, set, structure, and skillfully accomplish the tasks needed to reach your goals.

I will not judge you.
I will not tell you that you are wrong.
I will not get angry when you make mistakes.
I will not be disappointed in you.
I will not give up on you.

I will be your biggest fan.
I will believe in you.
I will trust your instincts, even when you don’t.
I will make suggestions.
I will share ideas.
I will give gentle nudges.
I will give a moderate push.
…And, with permission, I will kick butt!

I am a coach that understands AD/HD both personally and professionally. As an experienced psychotherapist I am able to recognize when someone is struggling with issues that interfere with the coaching process and therefore the accomplishment of your goals. I will be able to suggest a referral to a qualified therapist should issues arise that need to be addressed therapeutically. As a Social Worker I have extensive case management and consultation experience and with your written permission I will coordinate with your partner, spouse, college support services, guidance counselor, parents, therapist, and physicians. Respecting your confidentiality is an important value that I adhere to. Coaching is a partnership and together we will define what each of us brings to this partnership.

Minimizing your lost time and pulling it all together is not just wishful thinking. We will individualize your particular coaching options. These include but are not limited to: a 45 minute phone or office session each week, daily emails and 5 minute phone check-ins as needed, and leaving messages on my voice mail to share your intentions and successes. Among others, we will have goal setting sheets, session prep forms and your schedule, to do lists and projects/syllabus’ that we will both keep track of. Whether you are partial to a calendar, an appointment book or a PDA, there is a system that works best for your individual style. Structure, support and encouragement, along with accountability are an unbeatable combination, just like the Coach/Client Team. I also believe that a sense of humor is a helpful part of the growth process! Send me an email with any questions you may have and lets get started on your path to mindfulness and success.