Maximizing Strengths and Potential with
Structure, Encouragement and Accountability

Judi Jerome of MINDFULNESS MATTERS COACHING® is an ADD Coach who
helps creative adults and young adults, professionals, small business owners, practitioners and
graduate students living with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity
Disorder to decrease their procrastination and stress by increasing
their organization, time management, motivation, meditation,
mindfulness and AD/HD affected life skills. Judi’s ADD Coaching with
self-employed therapists in private practice, business owners, college
and graduate students and moms and dads with ADD – ADHD, among others,
has helped people to move beyond chaos, under-achievement and
relationship issues and on to the success of achieving their goals.
Judi’s experience with co-morbid conditions such as substance abuse,
depression and anxiety enriches the level of work being accomplished in
the coaching partnership.

Women and men with ADD – ADHD are creative, exuberant,
intelligent people that need help organizing all of their hidden
strengths and talents. Balance your work and personal life and receive
encouragement, support and accountability by forming a partnership with
an enthusiastic ADHD Coach. Judi enjoys helping people with ADD – ADHD to
use their self-expertise in a motivated, consistent, and spiritually
healthy life affirming manner. Help yourself to follow through with
your goals and multitude of ideas along with the ‘must do’ necessities
that keep piling up. Completing projects on time gets easier with ADHD
Coaching. When you gain empowerment by purposefully staying in your
moment, you can experience the peaceful, proud feelings and positive
results of success.  Mindfulness Matters.

Empowerment, growth and maintenance for positive life changes

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  1. Judi Jerome says:

    Thank you so much for your kind words. I am glad you related to my services.
    mindfully yours, judi

  2. Judi Jerome says:

    Thank you for your comment. I am gratified that you enjoyed my articles.
    mindfully yours, judi

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