Mindfulness Matters

Growth & Spirituality

Growth & Spirituality

In a vegetable garden each seed planted has the opportunity of growing under the sun’s warmth and the gardener’s skillful care and creativity; to it’s maximum height and potential, abundant with ripe tomatoes and limitless possibilities of enriching and enjoyable recipes. This is more than nature’s gift; this embodies Judi’s philosophy of working with people. Everyone has their rich full selves within their core and many need help from a coach to germinate, uncover, reach and then maximize their full potential. ADDers often need structure, encouragement and support to become successful, independent people and to reap the rewards of life. Helping people with AD/HD to accomplish this through a nurturing and nourishing coaching experience is a gift that works two ways. It is Judi’s offering to you and fully participating in this coaching alliance is your gift to yourself.


“Our appointment with life is in the present moment. The place of our appointment is right here, in this very place.” Our Appointment with Life: Discourse on Living Happily in the Present Moment, Thich Nhat Hanh

“If we live in forgetfulness, if we lose ourselves in the past or in the future…, we will not be able to live each moment of our life deeply. We will not be in contact with what is happening in the present moment…” Our Appointment with Life, page 28, Thich Nhat Hanh

Mindfulness is a concept that embodies the very core of Buddhism and has been used in psychological theories and techniques for many years. Mindfulness is not just about meditation and connecting to your spiritual core. It is about being totally present in the here and now to live your life with purpose and maintain your personal empowerment to start and finish each plan that you set out to succeed with throughout each of your days.

Is your mindfulness leaking out? Coaching can help with mindfulness, which then creates a calmer, more focused environment to increase your time management and organizational skills. Instead of continuing to use the negative beliefs that you may have heard for so many years, mindfulness and coaching can help you to increase your awareness of when you are using your strengths and skills which in turn allows you to feel positive about yourself and your abilities. Reframing those negative messages will become easier with mindfulness and the support of a coach. Mindfulness Matters!