ADDer’s have a tendency to hold on to thoughts, possessions, ADD moments, ADHD embarassments, and just plain everything else, way longer then people without ADHD.  It always amazes me when good things happen, gifts from my higher power or the universe [depending on your beliefs] when I was least expecting it.  Yet, as I examine what has happened the past week or so, I realize that all of the wonderful gifts that have come my way did so because I was accepting the difficulties that came along without obsessing over them, without ‘negativeizing’ them, and without complaining about them.  So, it is my understanding that because of my openness I was ‘here’ (aware, open and accepting) to the things that popped up at the moment that they did, the gifts.  Wow, combine mindfulness with the law of attraction, and life really perks up, especially when ADD matters arise. (Like when do they NOT arise?).

Moral of the story is to remember that mindfulness means non-judgment of our thoughts, others statements, and all that happens in our moments and therefore our lives.  Be present for the ‘gifts’ so that they can be given to us, so that we can recognize them AS gifts.  Living in the moment means acceptance of that moment. It makes it much easier to deal with “ctca” (crap that comes along), and makes for a happier and more peaceful life.  Remember that mindfulness matters!

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