Monday Morning Motivation and ADHD Fugue

According to the definition of fugue is:
2.Psychiatry. a
period during which a person suffers from loss of memory, often begins
a new life, and, upon recovery, remembers nothing of the amnesic phase.

Whoever came up with that definition must have had ADHD in mind!

Monday Morning is absolutely the most difficult time for me to get myself motivated and focused. Working from home, alone and always tired after the weekend for some unknown reason, adds to this dilemma. In order for me to get any work done at all it involves true concerted (not Concerta, concerted!) effort on Sundays between me, my planner and all of the business roles that I maintain.

Where to find the motivation is easy enough because I have tons of work to do and I love what I do. Hmm, well, I love working with people and I love writing articles but what about all the other stuff, the have-to’s? Aha, that’s it. I discovered that I was planning the most unpleasant or unknown part of my workload for my most sluggish time slot. Making phone calls and finishing or even starting paperwork on a Monday morning is a set up for entering the ‘dead zone’.

Restructuring my workload to do something on Monday mornings that engages my interest and appeals to my inner alarm clock (in order for it to want to function and resonate loudly) is the answer to the Monday Morning Motivation Fugue. I also have found that a more active mindfulness meditation is called for on Mondays. If I sit with my eyes closed I will fall asleep. If I do a walking meditation I am juiced and ready to work.

always remember… mindfulness matters.

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