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ADHD & Lost Youth

When you are diagnosed with ADD – ADHD as an adult it means that there were many “un-mindful” years that one had lived with their ADHD running rampant, alas, unknown.  As I sit here watching the snowfall head into 3 … Continue reading

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“ADHD & Laundry; Look Before You Dump”

Doing laundry with ADHD can be very frustrating, and expensive.  For months now my fine silk washables and delicate sweaters have been piling up next to the washing machine waiting for me to take the time to slowly read and … Continue reading

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I just read an article about a Professor in Dublin who is claiming that many of the famous people that were considered genius' throughout history probably had ADHD and produced their work due to the ability to hyper-focus.  "Clearly ADHD … Continue reading

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I would like to offer a sincere apology to all of my readers, followers, subscribers, fans, friends and ADDers for not publishing this blog for so many months.  The illness and then loss of my mother and my special aunt … Continue reading

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