A SANE Beginning


That is the Acronym on the top of my websites home page.  This is my welcome post, my very first blog entry for me, mine, my very own blog!  So, what am I supposed to be doing at this very moment?  Well, I am supposed to be getting ready to leave for my Burlington office, finished paperwork stored in my briefcase, water bottle filled and lunch ready to go.  I have been SO HYPERFOCUSED on getting a blog set up and which site to use, for the past 3 days that my eyes hurt from looking at the computer screen.  I tried SO hard to learn WordPress because it was free and attached to my websites hosting server.  I gave up this morning when I came out of my hyperfocusing haze.

I will forgive myself.  I will stay off of the computer for the whole rest of the day. I will stop typing now and get my stuff together.  I will remind myself and anyone who might see this entry that we with ADHD get so excited and exuberant over new projects that our ideas flow faster and freer then the spring ahead clock has hours to spare.  Mindfulness Matters.

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