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When a person with ADHD receives Virtual Assistance from support personnel we often end up in ADHD Driven Hell (see my article written for “HOW MANY COACHES DOES IT TAKE TO SCREW IN A LIGHT BULB?”… or “What’s My Role Now?”). 

Thanks to the efforts of a nice guy named Phil from Feedblitz, I somehow(?) found my missing subscribers. Unfortunately, despite his time and efforts, I still do not know how to add people who have said yes without having to build a whole new newsletter.  I somehow lost all of my subscribers while trying to add another list.  Despite the efforts of a nice woman named Barbara from Eclectechs, my website is still in transition disarray, aka; it looks totally wacked out.   Andee, the web developer who was making changes got rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery. I'm innocent on that front.  So now Barb is trying to make it look like it did instead of what it does but has not been able to yet.

The problem is, trying to describe and explain verbally to the helper what is visually in the mind of someone who is kinesthetic by nature. Also, their knowledge might tend to have them moving faster and assuming more technically then we are able to comprehend. Ah the ADHD brain. And then of course there is the verbal 'teaching', instructions and observations coming from this virtual support person.

How to process and respond is always a challenge. Taking notes and instant messaging or emailing is helpful. Allowing for time out in between each piece of the project which needs to be broken up in places so that you can have time to gather your thoughts, the helper's instructions and what you want to say after it has been well thought out is also helpful. 

One last though; it seems that I always tackle these virtual projects on a Friday which is mostly a home office based work day. Unfortunately if what we are working on is not complete, we are stuck with it for the weekend. So, time to rethink Virtual Assistance Day.  Always remember, mindfulness matters.
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