Recuperating from Carpal Tunnel Surgery I decided to pamper myself and take a few days off.  Sure, I’d heard about the game/App, the #1 game/App in the world of smartphones; but knowing how easy it is for a person with ADD to hyperfocus on games and really needing to get my end of year bookkeeping/tax prep work done I had decided it was safer to stay away from it. I actually did for quite a while.  But THEN, I read about it in the N.Y. Times.  Lets face it, even an ADHD LIfe Skills Coach can’t resist something that the most intelligent newspaper in the country is touting as a ‘must have app’ and the #1 most downloaded app in the world…  (50 million downloads) I gave in.  OUCH!

I started with the free edition to test my ability to balance and structure my time management skills VS my hyperfocus hell.  OK, so far so good. There were only 12 levels so how bad could it be?  Hmmm a ‘Mighty Eagle’.  Nope, I’m not going to buy this game or this Santified Cheat Tool.

Then  I had a death in the family and couldn’t concentrate on anything but crying so I started playing a little more often.  “Angry Birds” to the rescue. Hmmm time to get the egg timer out..  OK, back on track.  Then VT got hit with a big blizzard and I couldn’t even walk down the driveway and across the street to get the mail or the newspaper from my box.  “Angry Birds” to the rescue. Where did that egg timer disappear to?  OK, back on track.

But then I got greedy.  Finished the free levels and for a whopping .99 cents I bought the iphone app with 210 levels.  Let me just say that 6 weeks later and a second day stuck on the same level, out comes the .99 cents to buy the “Mighty Eagle”.  To my credit, I am more susceptible at night to giving in…

And where does the Carpal Tunnel Surgery fit in.  Well, my wrist is so sore that I’ve either reactivated it or given myself tendonitis!  How, you might ask is my wrist so sore when all you do to play this game is move your index finger a smidgen to prime a sling shot and use your middle finger (how appropriate) to touch the screen for more fire power?  Well, people with ADHD have an intensity about us that creates Carpal Tunnel, Tendonitis, TMJ and over competitivenss where others would be creating relaxation.

Today we are again having a HUGE ‘Noreaster, I am taking a break to play and I am remembering to do my breathing exercises while I play, meditate in-between levels and touch that screen so lightly that I have to double check to see if I really did!  Oh, and I am letting that Mighty Eagle soar instead of fighting my way through the impossible levels. Aahh this feels good.  Peace at last.

Hmmm, what’s this golden egg they keep talking about?

Mindfulness CAN overcome hyperfocus and oblivion.  We just need to remember to live it. Yes, I did say “live it” not just ‘practice’ it.  Mindfulness is a lifestyle, a way of existance.  May you live it in peace. Always remember, mindfulness matters…
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