I've recently been asked which is the best smartphone for a person with ADHD. Considering that it took me 3 years to make that decision and then to actually buy it, I had to smile (OK GRIN) that someone wanted that information from me! Here is what I replied:

First you need to decide which wireless company you want to go with, unless the specific phone you choose is only offered by one particular carrier. Then you want to make a list of everything that you need your phone to do for business, for organization and for fun. My suggestion would be to start by trying out the 3 most popular ones, Blackberry, Android X, and iphone and decide which one is best for your needs. You can go to your local wireless phone company stores and tell them that you want them to teach you about the phone and then they will lead you through it and then leave you alone to let you play with it for awhile. This is what I did. Also, spend some time with your friends phones and read the manuals. Get a feel for each one.

It really depends on your individual needs, your level of tech savvy, your particular computer system and the software that you use daily (remember that you will be syncing and backing up your phone to your computer). Take notes at each store or friends house so that you can remember what you've discovered and decided and list the pros and cons as well as your questions. Good luck with your exploration into a new adventure.

always remember, mindfulness matters

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    i like to read your posts. thanks for this one.

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