60 degrees, that is what it is supposed to get up to today.  Believe it or not, that is bathing suit weather in Vermont.  Because I went to an all day conference on "Ethics & Mindfulness" on Friday, I'm a day behind on my work.  So the age old dilemma still prevails, when do I do all the billing, bookkeeping data entry, phone calls and various other paperwork that I normally do on Friday's? 

One of the classes that I took many years ago from the amazing Jennifer Koretsky taught me how to manage the different roles that I have as a solo business owner.  How to prepare for or make up time that is normally delegated for something else was covered, learned and utilized ever since.  

'Yeah Butttt', there is hammering, there is stomach bug, there is…  So much for Saturday.  And now it is Sunday.  The sunshine, a somewhat rare commodity in VT, could blind you it is so bright.  I want to go out and play.

My mother's words will always ring in my ears; "Don't leave your homework until Sunday night".  She said it to me shortly before she passed away; it was one of our 'gags'.  Undiagnosed ADHD = every Sunday night rushing to do my homework so that I could watch Ed Sullivan.  

I did most of my billing on Thursday evening.  During the week I did all but the copying on a file audit that is due and I squeezed in most of the phone calls.  However, all of the mindfulness in the world still can't make 8 hours of work mysteriously disappear.  And now it is Sunday.  The sun is shining.
always remember, mindfulness matters.

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