ADHD & AGING: or How To Stay Young At Heart Lesson 101

ADHD & Containing Excitement might be more appropriate for a title.  In two weeks I head for the Adirondacks for our 2nd Annual Big Chill Weekend.  An informal gathering of my first two years of college, NCCC and Townie friends, that started last year on Facebook and has been building steam ever since.  FUN and SUN (hopefully) and some of the best people I’ve ever known.

Most of these people are grandparents but when I look at them I see the young hippies that we used to be and hopefully they see the same when they look at me.  Today I look in the mirror and see my Mom, Grandpa Charlie and Aunt Dotty.  I’m not quite sure where I have gone, or at least the Me that I remember.  Living so far away from all of my relatives and friends that I grew up with, there is no one around that see’s the youthful girl I once was.  Sure they see me act youthfully but when they look at me they see me today, the way I see myself when I look in the mirror.  Hey, that’s OK because I like me, but it sure feels good to have someone look at me and know they are seeing Judi the college teenager.

So just exactly how does ADHD and Mindfulness fit into all of this?  Well, I’ve had to work OVERTIME to be able to focus on my work and stay in my moment instead of looking through old pictures (literally or in my mind), emailing old friends or chatting with them on Facebook.  Maintaining Attention and Concentration these days, and I imagine the next two weeks, demands a LOT of meditation and purposeful mindfulness.  My mindful lifestyle is saving my serenity, my diminished anxiety levels and my business, not to mention the quality of attention that I give to my clients!  Once again I have proven to myself that mindfullness matters!

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3 Responses to ADHD & AGING: or How To Stay Young At Heart Lesson 101

  1. It is my honor and privileged to found and read your post. It made me learn a lot of different ideas. Keep up the good work.. 🙂

  2. Henry Rich says:

    Pretty intersting article. The age don’t define your current state, only your inner ego says us how young or old you are. You can be 60 years old but feel like 35 years old or vice versa. I will bookmark your post!!! Thanks!!!

  3. Judi Jerome says:

    Thank you Henry and Patrick for reading and commenting on my article. I appreciate your interest. mindfully yours, judi

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