“ADHD & Laundry; Look Before You Dump”

Doing laundry with ADHD can be very frustrating, and expensive.  For months now my fine silk washables and delicate sweaters have been piling up next to the washing machine waiting for me to take the time to slowly read and follow the directions on the special detergent that the kind woman at the Dry Cleaners gave to me.  I wanted to be sure I had the time and patience to be extra mindful. 

Apparently that time had come, or so I thought.  I'm not sure when but it must have been some time during the past week.  Today I decided to wash my blanket and slippers.  I quickly stuffed them into the washer and ran back upstairs to flee the freezing basement.  An hour later when I threw them into the dryer something caught my eye in the washer.  Sure enough, there were the fine silk washables and my delicate sweaters sitting at the bottom of the machine.  Even though all of my windows are closed I am sure that my neighbors must have heard me scream and then scream again.  So much for careful planning. 

There is a lesson that goes along with this confession.  Either heat the basement, move the washer and dryer upstairs or breathe, meditate and take your meds before attempting to do something that requires extra focus!  always remember, mindfulness matters!

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