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My articles published in the NCGW e-Newsletter on www.addvance.com or as I like to call them, stream of consciousness musings, will hopefully amuse, support, encourage, enlighten and motivate you. The Grapevine is no longer being published but please check out the National Center for Girls & Women with AD/HD.

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How Many Coaches Does it Take To Screw in a Lightbulb… or …Whats My Role Now?

The Smooth Move

The Art of Procrastination

Success: In Search of Celebration

Presents Here, Presents There, Presents Hidden Everywhere

I Can’t Find It

Rainy Days and Weekends Don’t Have To Get You Down

The Trials of Piles or How to Access the Excess Without Really Trying

MS Office 2003 One Note or How To Write Organized Without Really Trying

ADHD & Competitiveness

The Suitcase: Friend Or Foe or How To Unpack From A Trip Without Really Tryingor How To Unpack From A Trip Without Prolonged Sighing

The Zen of ADHD, Airports, Airplanes and Hurricanes“.

“AD/HD Friendly Ways to Migrate From Home to Dorm – Have What You Need and Need What You Have”.

Book Reviews:

“Finding Your Focus”, by Greenbaum & Markel; my book review published in ADDitude  Magazine.  Check out the abridged version of ADDitude Magazinedelivered to your email. and…

“Defeating The 8 Demons of Distraction”, by Geraldine Markel, PhD.


“Coaching 101: Introduction To The Phenomenon Of Coaching” 
Presented by Judi Jerome for the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) Vermont Chapter Spring Symposium. May 2006

“ADHD & Mindfulness: Yes It CAN Co-exist In The Same Brain!”
Presented by Judi for ADDA, ACO, ADDResources and addclasses.com,

~Judi offers these presentations as well as other topics to organizations throughout the country. Please contact her for additional information.

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