Where Have I been?

Well, I can't imagine how so much time has gone by since I last posted. The truth is, I've been trying to lasso my ADHD and be a great coach, and be a great therapist and write/publish and be a business owner.  I was up most of the night just 'working' Facebook, which I am still trying to get a clue about how to keep up with it. So, I had a lightbulb idea (sorry, lack of sleep) and decided to gather all of the posts that I wrote all over everyone else's blog or Facebook page,(I hope I did not just give the world the 'keys' to my Facebook account) and post them here. SO, here goes:  (OH MY, please don't click on any of these links till your finished with my blog because they will probably take you away from here and I would be very sad and you would miss my musings!). Remember, Mindfulness Matters!

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