Try New Things

I have ADHD. I am going to take a weekend workshop titled "write a book in a weekend" with Donna Kozik and Suzanne Evans. I am excited because I have been trying to write 2 books for more years then I can count. This could be it!

Being brave and knowing that ADHD makes some things a little (OK, a lot) harder, hopefully does not stop you from trying new things and growing in new directions.  Just remember, having ADHD also enhances your creativity and your flow of ideas!  Talking to the teacher or facilitator before signing up and telling them that you have ADHD and would like to know their experience teaching or leading the subject matter with this population, as well as any concerns you may have, allows you to reduce any fears that may be stopping you.  Asking if extra time and help will be available if you need it and making those arrangements up front also allows you to bravely go where you have not gone before (thank you Gene Roddenberry). 

Try it. The new year is at our front door; open it up and invite in your dreams.  Have the welcome message be: "hey dreams, you are getting fulfilled this year so come on in".
Remember, mindfulness matters.  Take care, smiles and cheers, judi

Mindfulness Matters Coaching

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