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Quoted from https://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=34704267273&ref=nf#/group.php?gid=34704267273:

Facebook | The BridgeMaker

"My two business’ keep me busy. My clients are moving forward. My cat is eating again after losing 3 lbs. The Autumn leaves in Vermont are worth dealing with the freezing cold. I love that I am starting my day this way along with the Law of Attraction Daily Quote. Thanks Alex for being a grateful human’ being’ that is ‘doing’. jj"

This was my re-entry into the Social Networking mileau. I took a few days off to focus on fun, friends, house and catching up on work. As a person with ADHD I find it difficult to maintain my pre-set limits on the internet. The more that I use Facebook and Twitter for business, the more demand on my time it takes. This is also a problem for my clients that I am coaching. How interesting to be working on solutions to this problem together. 

Sticking to my schedule, using my timers, including my new timer program, and seeing a "playback" movie of everything I did on the computer compliments of the program "TimeSnapper", has been putting me back on track. SERIOUSLY, you have to watch a movie of how you spent your hyperfocused Sunday morning in order to "snap out of it" for good!  mindfulness matters!

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